Aim High


*That’s NO child. Ever.

We aren’t fazed by ASD, speech and language delays, or motor and developmental disabilities.

Our skill, experience, and training demand of us
real effort and real outcomes.

At Aim High, we tend to win in streaks.

How we service our stars

Integrated classes

Children with disabilities learn best when they interact with their typically developing peers. This innovative model fast-tracks eventual mainstream and creates a healthy, empathetic environment for all participants. At Aim High, children are immersed in a variety of engaging activities that promote academic readiness, language, and social-emotional growth. Child-centered and interactive, the curriculum is based on best practices and New York State learning standards.

SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher)

Servicing students in their home, community, or school setting, SEIT teachers supplement classroom instruction and reinforce skills across objectives. With kindergarten readiness in mind, these 1:1 providers use engaging activities and research-based strategies to reach essential social and pre-academic goals outlined in each student’s IEP. Additionally, Aim High advocates for pendency cases, offering support and access to exceptional therapy to children ages five and up who are enrolled in mainstream settings, but require additional assistance to develop successfully.

Universal Pre-K (UPK)

UPK is a kindergarten readiness program for four-year-olds that focuses on cross-curricular concepts and skills. Students are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, with emphasis on teamwork and social awareness. Our students at Aim High enjoy a plethora of interactive activities designed to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and community participation. Activities include peer learning, multi-sensory centers, educational trips, and themed unit plans.


Our agency is approved to provide evaluations for children turning three, to determine eligibility for services. Conducted at either our evaluation center or the child’s home or daycare, our evaluations are comprehensive and conclusive. Students are evaluated for potential educational, psychological, speech, occupational and physical therapy services. Evaluation reports are written for each discipline and include recommendations for services based on the results.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Often children with ASD are taught in self-contained classes with similarly diagnosed children. At Aim High we seek to integrate children with autism with their neurotypical peers, so socialization progresses more naturally. Children with autism engage in the regular classroom curriculum and are provided 1:1 services as necessary. The skills mastered in individualized therapy settings are generalized into the classroom setting with successful outcomes.

“The teachers are creative, hands-on, and cultivate a fun and fresh learning experience.

I wish I was in my son’s class!"

Maria S.
Giovanni’s mom

Inside our classes

We’re here to score a win-win-win.