image5Our agency is approved to provide evaluations for children turning 3 that may need services. Evaluations can be provided either at our own evaluation center, or in the childs home. Evaluations include Speech, Occupational Therapy (OT), and Physical Therapy (PT). Evaluation reports are written up for each discipline and include recommendations for services based on the results of the evaluations.



image1All of our programs are dedicated to providing a supportive education environment based on individual student needs. Each teacher is highly qualified with the necessary certification and licensure to ensure the most beneficial learning experience for each child.


Our agency provides special education itinerant teachers (SEIT) to work with students in their home/community setting or in the school. These teachers help students to develop skills that will enable them to partake in regular classroom activities on their own. Important social and pre-academic skills are the focus of the childs sessions in accordance with each childs IEP.

The sessions for this service are set up according to the students schedule and preferences of the caregivers.


This classroom has up to 12 students with one state certified special education teacher and one regular education teacher. The students include 6 typically developing children and up to 6 students with disabilities. It is an ideal environment in which students with disabilities have opportunities to interact with typically developing peers who serve as peer role models, with close guidance from the teachers. The goal of the classroom is to help students become mainstreamed into regular classrooms as soon as possible. Learning is child centered, within the curriculum planned by the teacher.

This class runs daily from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm


This innovative class is based on the understanding that children learn best when they interact with their typically developing peers.  Thus, an equal number of non disabled children will share the class with children who have disabilities.  Many autistic children, because of their easy distractibility, are taught in self contained special classes with similarly diagnosed children.  Aim High Children Services seeks to integrate the autistic child with his/her non-disabled peers, so that the integral component of socialization, so necessary for a child’s development, progresses in a more natural manner.  Children with autism will be taught using the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) method by highly trained teachers.  At the same time, a regular education curriculum based on the Creative Curriculum, will be implemented for the whole class.  In this way, the non-disabled children will be educated using a highly recommended program while learning to be accepting of children with disabilities.

The integrated program provides related services such as Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and Social work as needed.

This class runs daily from 8:30- 2:00


Aim High Children’s Services provides a full range of related services including Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and Social work.  These services may be provided in the home, school or at one our other programs.  All of our teachers and therapists are highly qualified and use the latest proven methods in their fields.