In accordance with requirements set forth in the “Interim Guidance for In Person Instruction at Pre-K to Grade 12 schools during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency”, Aim High Children’s Services has developed an individual plan for its sites during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The plan addresses the information requested in this document and covers information requested for reopening of in-person instruction, monitoring of health conditions, containment of potential transmission of    COVID-19, and closure of schools and in-person instruction, if necessary. 

Reopening of in-person instruction:


We will follow the NYC DOE guidelines for blended programs as it relates to capacity. In order to fully implement a safe return to school, updated parent information will be necessary to design programs which allow for both remote learning and in-person instruction. It is our intent to either use an AB cohort plan to provide each student with 5 days of in-person instruction in a 10 day period or a model which provides 1-2 days of in-person instruction per week for a total of 5 days of instruction every 3 weeks. The decision will be based on both parent preference and the number of students opting for remote only education at this time. Staffing will provide for in-person instruction as well as remote instructional opportunity in line with DOE guidelines and parent preference.

Social Distancing:

All students and staff will be required to maintain appropriate social distancing during all activities using NYC DOE and DOH guidelines.

PPE and Face Coverings:

All students and staff will be required to wear face coverings upon entering the building and during the school day unless there is a specific activity in which their masks may be removed according to DOH and CDC guidelines i.e. eating. In addition, gloves, hand sanitizers, soap and disinfectant will be available in each classroom and throughout the school to ensure proper hygiene and protect against the transmission of COVID-19. The school will distribute necessary PPE to students and staff at the entry door to school on a daily basis. PPE must be worn throughout the school building, school grounds, or any other contingent space. 

Operational Activity:

All activities for students will be held within the classrooms with the exceptions of bathroom use and related services. In-classroom activities will follow social distancing and guidelines provided by the NYC DOE and DOH. 
Individual related services will be held in separate spaces and will follow social distancing guidelines. Use of the bathrooms will be monitored by school personnel who will ensure safety and hygiene guidelines are followed. 
For the present time, there will be no field trips, no congregate events, and visitors limited. Only visitors with official business will be admitted to the school and will have to follow all safety procedures and guidelines for entry.

Restart Operations:

We will work with the landlord to safely reopen facilities and grounds with special regard to cleaning, disinfection, ventilation, and water systems. 

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection:

School wide cleaning and disinfection will take place on a daily basis with cleaning products approved by the NYCDOH and CDC for effectiveness against COVID-19. There will be ongoing training regarding bodily hygiene for all staff and students on a regular basis.


The program will operate during regular school hours for both staff and students and there will be no extracurricular activities at this time.

Before and Aftercare:

There are no before and aftercare programs at this time

Vulnerable Populations:

Students who are at increased risk of illness will be offered a distance learning program. Staff who are at increased risk of illness or have compromised immune systems attested to by a physician will be offered remote learning work according to NYCDOE and NYSED guidelines. Since our programs serve younger students in early education, any modifications that minimize COVID-19 exposure will be followed.


The NYCDOE will set standards and procedures for students travelling on school buses.

Food Services:

All meals and food services will be provided to children in their classrooms. Students dietary restrictions and allergies are always taken into consideration. Hand hygiene regulations will be followed before and after eating. Training will be done regularly and signage posted throughout the building. The sharing of food and beverages will be discouraged. Classroom staff will help clean and disinfect eating areas before and after meals. All utensils will be disposable and meals will be served in individual, sealed packages for each student.

Mental Health:

Upon returning to school, there will be a concerted effort to ensure that the social and emotional well being of students and staff are considered a priority. Resources for referral and support to help with behavioral and emotional needs of staff and students will be made available. Consistent discussion and training for staff on student support, interaction, coping and resilience skills will be part of ongoing training. 


The school will incorporate outreach efforts which focus on disseminating information to students, their families and staff about the upcoming school year and the necessity to adapt to social distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing hand and respiratory hygiene. Information will be disseminated through mailings, emails and suggested informational links. Communication will be available in multiple languages whenever necessary.



All school staff will be asked to monitor their temperature on a daily basis before leaving home for work. Any individual recording a temperature of 100.4 F or more will call the school, stay at home, and follow up with additional health information during the day. All other employees will have their temperature rescreened upon entering the building and will complete a daily screening questionnaire. The individual at the front desk will be responsible for temperature screening, collecting the questionnaires, notifying supervisory personnel with any issues requiring follow up and will be trained by a health professional. 

Testing Protocols:

Staff and students will be referred to their primary care physicians for diagnostic testing for COVID-19, in consultation with local health department officials, when needed. Symptomatic individuals, close contacts of COVID-19 suspected or confirmed individuals and individuals with recent international travel or travel within a state with widespread transmission of COVID-19 as designated through the New York State Travel Advisory will be encouraged to be tested by their primary care physician before such individuals return to school.

Testing Responsibility:

The local health department will be apprised of any incident that requires large scale testing at the school. They are designated as the community organization primarily responsible for referring, sourcing, and administering testing.

Early Warning Signs:

We will follow the metrics signs established by state and local health departments that will serve as early warning signs that positive COVID-19 cases may be increasing beyond an acceptable level.


School Health Offices:

The following protocols will be used in the event that a student/staff member develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day. 


If an individual develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day, he/she will be isolated from everyone, attended to by assigned staff with appropriate PPE being available and arrangements followed for safe transportation either home or to a medical facility.


Parents or legal guardians will be notified prior to the school year that in case of a health emergency (COVID-19) they, or a designated person must pick up the student and have them seen immediately by a healthcare provider of their choice. When parents or a designated individual arrives, the student will be escorted to them by the assigned caregiver. 

Infected Individuals:

The administrative staff will keep in contact with individuals who have been sent home to monitor their health conditions. Individuals that test positive for COVID-19 will have to complete isolation, and prior to returning to in-person learning, will require documentation from their physician or the local health department indicating that they may return to school. 

Exposed Individuals: 

Individuals who were exposed to the COVID-19 virus must provide documented evidence that they have completed quarantine, have not developed symptoms, and are not testing positive for the coronavirus prior to returning to in-person learning. 

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection:

Cleaning and disinfection of areas that have been occupied by individuals exposed to the virus will take place immediately, in adherence to the guidance set forth by NYCDOH and CDC.

Contact Tracing:

Using the tools provided through the NYS contact tracing program, the school will help support the local health department in any contact tracing efforts.


The school will incorporate outreach efforts which focus on disseminating information to students, their families and staff about the upcoming school year and the necessity to adapt to social distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing hand and respiratory hygiene. Information will be disseminated through mailings, emails and suggested informational links. Communication will be available in multiple languages whenever necessary. In the event of a possible exposure, all interested parties will be contacted, informed of the incident, reminded of the safety measures that the school takes, and will receive information on a continuing basis regarding updates. 


Closure  Triggers:

If conditions arise in which a student or staff member displays symptoms of COVID-19, we will contact the NYC DOE and the NYCDOH for recommendations regarding the continuation of in-person instruction and/or moving to a total remote learning environment.

Operational Activity:

Depending on information provided by the NYCDOE and/or the NYCDOH, determinations will be made about decreasing in-school instruction and moving to our remote platform.


All interested parties will receive information throughout the closure process via email, text, and/or phone contact.