Aim High Childrens Services is proud to offer the services of our lending library to all our teachers and therapists. We have many books, toys games and manipulatives for students, as well as teacher reference books, videos and testing materials. Items may be borrowed from the library to enhance your work with each client.

The following are links to other websites that you might find useful.

www.difflearn.com : Different Roads to Learning, an ABA and VB education tools and teaching resource.

www.behavioranalysts.com  : “Behavior Analysts, Inc.”

www.ldonline.com : LD and ADHD

www.cec.sped.org : The Council for Exceptional Children

www.eric.ed.gov : Education Resources Information Center



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Career Opportunities

image6Aim High Children’s Services offer many opportunities for State Certified
Bullet Special education teachers
Bullet Early childhood teachers

We also have opportunities for State licensed
Bullet Occupational Therapists
Bullet Physical Therapists
Bullet Speech and Language Pathologists
Bullet CFYs
Bullet Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped
Bullet Certified Social Worker
Bullet School Psychologist
Bullet School Counselor

Why You Should Work For Aim High:
Bullet Competitive pay
Bullet Ongoing Staff development
Bullet Medical Insurance Options
Bullet Lending Library for Therapy Supplies
Bullet Efficient office support staff

For more information please contact our office at jobs@aimhighchild.org or call us at (718) 853-1750.