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As a caregiver you have the opportunity to help your child learn to navigate his world. You are also in a position to be concerned when there is a problem with your child’s development. At Aim High Children’s services we strive to help children who have any difficulties, receive the appropriate services that will enable them to keep up with their peers and learn appropriate skills.

If you are unsure if your child requires services you may contact our agency for more information.

Autism is a disorder that affects many young children. It is important that it be diagnosed and appropriate treatment begun as soon as possible. At Aim High we provide services using the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology which has been proven to be effective with students on the spectrum. We also strive to keep up with new developments in the field to serve students using the most up-to-date techniques.

If you have concerns about your child and don’t know how to begin the process of acquiring services, contact our office.

The following are links to informative websites:

www.ldonline.com : LD and ADHD Information

www.cec.sped.org : The Council for Exceptional Children


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