Aim High

"There’s so much fear and uncertainty in raising a child with special needs.

It’s such a relief knowing that Aim High has his best interests in mind."

Vanetta L.
Ethan’s mom

For more than 20+ years Aim High has been a champion for 3,000+ children.

We’re a professional, skilled, and talented team whole-heartedly invested in giving every child a shot at success.

It’s our calling.

It can be yours too.

With your support, we can bring out the best in more children.

Your donation is put into immediate use, financing equipment, supplies, music and art therapy, and other enhanced services for students with disabilities.

Be a champion.

Partner with us.

Give it your best shot.

Do you hear the applause in the stands?

Aim High Children’s Services is a New York nonprofit corporation tax-exempt as a 501(c).