Experts on early childhood education agree that the most critical growth periods in the development of a child occur during the first five years of life. Research and experience have shown that quality early childhood programs can and do make a difference by increasing a child’s opportunity for successful learning and accomplishments in life.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is our nation’s special education law. It was originally enacted by congress in 1975 to make sure that children with disabilities have the opportunity to receive a free appropriate public education, just like other children.

Section 4410 of the New York State Education Law implements the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for children ages 3-5.  It sets guidelines for special education and related services for preschool age children.

Aim High Children’s Services strives to provide appropriate education to all preschool children who have been diagnosed with a disability.  Our teachers and therapists strive to service our children in the least restrictive environment thus enabling them to learn new skills and improve the quality of life for them and their families. With our holistic approach, focusing on the whole child, we are better able to provide personalized education.

We achieve our mission by keeping up with new developments in the field of education and using research based techniques to help our students and their families. We strive to help children be prepared to enter kindergarten with proper communication and pre-academic skills.



image1Aim High Children’s Services is a non-profit organization created specifically to provide a range of services using innovative techniques to preschool age children. Located in Brooklyn, New York, we are committed to helping students succeed using effective teaching methodology. Every child is placed in a learning environment that is tailored to best suit his/her needs and which will enable the child to reach the maximum potential. We employ a professional staff with experience and expertise and provide continuous training to ensure that our methods are up to date and appropriate for the students being served.

Because every child is unique and has different needs, the learning environment for each child will be selected on an individual basis. We provide both school and home/community-based services. Our services vary from SEIT- (special education itinerant teachers) to integrated classrooms where students with special needs will interact with typically developing children who will serve as peer models. In between we have a myriad of services that help children learn in the environment most suitable to them.  As children reach goals and learn skills, we help them transition to less restrictive environments.

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